Upcoming Seminar

Teaching with MATLAB & Simulink

Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering, Riga Technical University, Azenes str. 12/1
Room 314
May 26, 2016
16.30 – 18.30


MATLAB® and Simulink® are used at more than 5000 universities worldwide and by millions of students. What is MathWorks doing to support teachers and students? And how can you use MATLAB and Simulink to enable students to learn through innovative and engaging approaches?

Rohit Agrawal, Responsible for Curriculum Development at MathWorks Nordics, will provide an overview of the resources available to teachers and students including MATLAB Academy, Cody Coursework, MATLAB Academic Online Training Suite, and MATLAB Mobile.

Highlights Include:

  • MathWorks support/initiatives for addressing key challenges and trends in academia
  • Widespread MATLAB access on Campus with TAH Campus License, MATLAB Online and MATLAB Mobile
  • Automatic Grading for MATLAB programming assignments to improve pedagogical effectiveness and student engagement
  • Hardware support for project based learning to give student hand-on engineering skills sought by employers
  • Integrated Curriculum with MATLAB suite of products to increase the computational efficiency of students
  • MATLAB Courseware to take reference from other universities on developing MATLAB based curriculum