Upcoming Seminar

Programming Techniques with MATLAB

Politecnico di Bari
Aula Magna Attilio Alto, Campus Ernesto Quagliariello
28 Ottobre 2015
10.00 - 13.00


Please join us for the free MATLAB seminar.


During this seminar, you will get an update of recent capabilities in the MATLAB and Simulink product families, tips and tricks on how to efficiently use memory in MATLAB and how MATLAB and Simulink are used to interact with a wide range of low-cost hardware platforms (Arduino, LEGO, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black, Android, etc.), in order to teach courses focused on mechatronics, circuit design, programming, controls, robotics, signal processing, computer vision, etc.

Who Should Attend

This session is open to all professors, researchers and students.

About the Presenter

Gareth Thomas is Academic Marketing Manager for the Education Business in MathWorks. He aims to inspire people of all ages about technology and share the magic that MathWorks brings to the table when learning, teaching, researching and solving problems that accelerate the pace of engineering and science. He graduated from Instituto Superior Tecnico in Lisbona as a Control Engineer in 2005. You can find Gareth on LinkedIn and Google+.


Time Title
10’ Introduction
In this session we will go over how you can have access to the tools and why MATLAB is an important skill to have on your CV.
60’ Programming Techniques in MATLAB
In this session, you will gain an understanding of how different MATLAB data types are stored in memory and how you can program in MATLAB to use memory efficiently. Above and beyond that there will also be several tips and trick shared to speed up MATLAB applications. We will also share several practical examples of how MATLAB is used in industry.
40’ Enabling Project-Based Learning with MATLAB, Simulink and low-cost hardware
This session will show you how to develop, simulate, test and implement algorithms in low-cost hardware platforms (Arduino, LEGO, Raspberry Pi, etc.) using MATLAB and Simulink, to facilitate teaching and learning through innovative methodologies such as Project-Based Learning.