Upcoming Seminar

MATLAB and Simulink Academic Tour 2016

Università degli Studi di Firenze
Aula 303 P.3°
6 October 2016
10:00 - 12:30


This presentation focuses on using Simulink for interdisciplinary teaching in engineering courses. We’ll show examples of engaging and innovative teaching methodologies addressing the main teaching and learning challenges.

We’ll start from the very basics of system’s mathematical formulation and we’ll then gradually setup a model, simulate the system under study and finally implement and test on dedicated programmable platforms.


Learn about:

  • Why incorporating technical computing, modeling, and simulation with MathWorks tools in engineering curricula
  • Building models in Simulink
  • Simulink for Model-Based Design of embedded or real-time applications
  • Overview of the Simulink built-in support for target hardware
  • Advances in low-cost embedded hardware
  • Automatic Code Generation, Rapid Prototyping and Verification

About the Presenter

Stefano Olivieri

Stefano graduated in Electrical Engineering at University of Bologna, Italy, in July 1995, and got a Master Degree in Information Technology at CEFRIEL, Polytechnic of Milan the same year. He’s been with MathWorks since 2005. After spending eight years as an Application Engineer in the field of Signal Processing and Communication Systems, supporting companies in the Communications, Electronics, Semiconductors and Aerospace and Defense industry segments, Stefano is currently working as an Education Technical Specialist to help the top universities and drive them towards the adoption of MathWorks tools for effective teaching and research. Before that, he worked with R&D labs in STMicroelectronics and Philips Research, were he dealt with the design and development of wireless communication and video processing systems. Stefano has also been Contract Professor with the University of Milano for three years, where he was teaching Transmission Theory for the Telecommunication Software Engineering Bachelor Degree.