Upcoming Seminar

Data Analytics and Image Processing with MATLAB

Sydney, NSW
Macquarie Graduate School of Management – City Campus
23 March 2017
9:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.


There are many opportunities that big data and engineering techniques bring to the world of analytics. Using this data to build accurate and robust models for prediction requires a rare combination of equipment, expertise, and statistical know-how.

During this complimentary seminar, MathWorks engineers will highlight strategies and techniques that can be used to handle large amounts of data. We will discuss machine learning techniques to build prognostic algorithms in MATLAB, and show how to deploy those to run on enterprise platforms.

In the second session we will show how to handle large image data sets in MATLAB and demonstrate feature extraction from images and preparation for classification. We will also provide insights into Deep Learning for object recognition in images and videos.

Who Should Attend

This seminar is suitable for anyone working in Data Analytics, Signal Processing, Computer Vision and Communications Applications, including:

  • Algorithm Developers
  • System Engineers
  • Test and Verification Engineers
  • Technical Managers
  • Researchers

Prior knowledge of MATLAB is not required.


Time Title
08:30 Registration
09:00 Welcome and Introduction
09:05 Data Analytics using MATLAB
  • Accessing and pre-processing data that does not fit in memory
  • Exploring Machine Learning to build prognostic algorithms
  • Distributing applications to other users
  • Deploying MATLAB code against Hadoop and Spark
  • Scaling up to Clusters, and Clouds with minimum programming efforts
10:10 Morning Tea
10:30 Image and Video Processing with MATLAB
  • Handling of large image data sets
  • Image segmentation
  • Feature extraction for image classification.
  • Convolutional neural networks (CNN) for object recognition in images and videos
12:00 Questions and Answers, Next Steps
12:15 End